Create KMS SRV records in DNS

This post’s goal is to show you how you can configure the DNS SRV records in order for clients to be able to automatically detect the KMS server in the environment.

  1. Open the DNS mmc.
  2. Expand the DNS Zone to the domain required.
  3. Right-click on the “_tcp folder”, select “Other New Records”.
  4. As new record type, pick Service Location (SRV).
  5. Fill in the following information for the new record:
  • Service: “_VLMCS” (Not in the drop down list, type it in and be sure to include the underscore.
    Protocol: _tcp
    Port: 1688
    Priority: # (Can be left at 0 or changed according to your needs)
    Host offering the service: your_servers’_FQDN. (IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the dot at the end of the FQDN.

This procedure is also for a second KMS host. Let’s say you have dynamic updates in your DNS, and your first KMS host actually created the records automatically and everything in the environment is working.

In case you would like to add a seconday KMS host for redundancy, you will have to create the second KMS host manually.

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