Hide Unwanted Items From the Control Panel

One of the common lock down’s that administrator apply is to remove all but the essential control panel items.

Previous to Windows 7 you had to specify the .cpl (e.g. timedate.cpl) file name of the control panel item you wanted to show or hide however this has changed in Windows 7 and you now need to use the Canonical Name when hiding or showing specific items.

Step 1. Edit the Group Policy object that is applied to the users that you want to apply the Control Panel configuration.

Step 2. Navigate to User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Control Panel


Step 3. Double click on hide specified Control Panel items setting then check Enabled and then click then Show button.





The following are the Control Panel items available in Windows 8.1:

Action Center
Administrative Tools : Microsoft.AdministrativeTools
AutoPlay : Microsoft.AutoPlay
Biometric Devices : Microsoft.BiometricDevices
BitLocker Drive Encryption : Microsoft.BitLockerDriveEncryption
Color Management : Microsoft.ColorManagement
Credential Manager : Microsoft.CredentialManager
Date and Time : Microsoft.DateAndTime
Default Programs : Microsoft.DefaultPrograms
Device Manager : Microsoft.DeviceManager
Devices and Printers : Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters
Display : Microsoft.Display
Ease of Access Center : Microsoft.EaseOfAccessCenter
Family Safety : Microsoft.ParentalControls
File History : Microsoft.FileHistory
Folder Options : Microsoft.FolderOptions
Fonts : Microsoft.Fonts
HomeGroup : Microsoft.HomeGroup
Indexing Options : Microsoft.IndexingOptions
Infrared : Microsoft.Infrared
Internet Options : Microsoft.InternetOptions
iSCSI Initiator : Microsoft.iSCSIInitiator
iSNS Server : Microsoft.iSNSServer
Keyboard : Microsoft.Keyboard
Language : Microsoft.Language
Location Settings : Microsoft.LocationSettings
Mouse : Microsoft.Mouse
MPIOConfiguration : Microsoft.MPIOConfiguration
Network and Sharing Center : Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter
Notification Area Icons : Microsoft.NotificationAreaIcons
Pen and Touch : Microsoft.PenAndTouch
Personalization : Microsoft.Personalization
Phone and Modem : Microsoft.PhoneAndModem
Power Options : Microsoft.PowerOptions
Programs and Features : Microsoft.ProgramsAndFeatures
Recovery : Microsoft.Recovery
Region : Microsoft.RegionAndLanguage
RemoteApp and Desktop Connections : Microsoft.RemoteAppAndDesktopConnections
Sound : Microsoft.Sound
Speech Recognition : Microsoft.SpeechRecognition
Storage Spaces : Microsoft.StorageSpaces
Sync Center : Microsoft.SyncCenter
System : Microsoft.System
Tablet PC Settings : Microsoft.TabletPCSettings
Taskbar and Navigation : Microsoft.Taskbar
Troubleshooting : Microsoft.Troubleshooting
TSAppInstall : Microsoft.TSAppInstall
User Accounts : Microsoft.UserAccounts
Windows Anytime Upgrade : Microsoft.WindowsAnytimeUpgrade
Windows Defender : Microsoft.WindowsDefender
Windows Firewall : Microsoft.WindowsFirewall
Windows Mobility Center : Microsoft.MobilityCenter
Windows To Go : Microsoft.PortableWorkspaceCreator
Windows Update : Microsoft.WindowsUpdate
Work Folders : Microsoft.WorkFolders

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